Wesley Methodist Church

A church for all in the heart of the city

We support

As part of our Christian mission, Wesley Methodist Church and its members support a range of organisations and charities, with both financial and practical help.

A portion of our Sunday collection each year is assigned to our Benevolent Fund, and from there to designated charities.

Our collections during the Christmas period are made on behalf of Action for Children, and we support the same charity by home collecting boxes. Each year we hold a Lenten Appeal for a particular charity: in 2015 we have collected for Medic Malawi, a charity that supports a hospital in Mtunthama in rural Malawi. We also collect for MHA on Methodist Homes Sunday in June.

Our Centenary Appeal, in 2012-13, raised £18,000, which was distributed equally between charities for the body (The Nigeria Health Care Project), the mind (Lifecraft), and the spirit (The Bible Society).

Wesley Methodist Church is a collection point for the Cambridge City Foodbank (cash and dry goods) and Cancer Research UK (foreign currency and used postage stamps, pictorial, commemorative and overseas). One of the Cambridge City Foodbank's distribution centres is our sister church, Chesterton Methodist Church.

We hold a monthly Traidcraft stall after our Sunday morning service. Wesley is a Fairtrade church and as such we are committed to serve only FT coffee and tea at our church events. Our church user groups are also increasingly asking for Fairtrade biscuits and sugar as well, so spreading the word among a wider constituency that Fairtrade not only puts people before profit but also provides top quality taste.

Wesley Methodist Church supports the Cambridge Churches' Homeless Project, a scheme to provide overnight accommodation and meals to the homeless in times of severe weather in the winter. Our premises were used by the project on alternate Tuesdays during the winter of 2014-2015.