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The Nyambene Synod Youth Centre

MapYouth conferences organised by the Nyambene synod have increased in popularity, with numbers rising from 600 teenagers to 1500 in the last three years. In 2018 attendance had to be restricted to over 15-year-olds because even the largest school hall in the district could not accommodate everyone. Bishop Alice Muthoni and her team long to reach out to more young people, but many are unable to attend the conferences, due to lack of money. Land at Maua, in the district of Meru, has been purchased and the Project to build a new Youth Centre is well underway.

The building will include:

Nyambene Synod Youth CentreAnd it will allow the Centre to do all these activities:

Income from letting space in the Centre will help to fund these opportunities.

The work has started! See photos from the ground-breaking ceremony.

See more photos from the project.


MurokiThis is Muroki. He was able to attend the youth conference because his church sponsored him. His family couldn’t afford to send him. Muroki’s parents, like most people in Kenya, don’t have steady jobs. They’re only able to get work doing small manual jobs which aren’t available every day. The money they earn is spent on food, just for that day, so it’s virtually impossible for them to save money. With your help, the project will be able to sponsor many other children like Muroki.

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HouseMost of the young people who come to the youth conferences live in a house like this. For these families, one day’s pay is equivalent to about £1.60, and their monthly income is around £40. All the money they earn is spent on food, so it’s virtually impossible for them to save money. 

The cost of our four day conference, including food and accommodation is around £5. Please donate whatever you can to help the  young people of Nyambene, Kenya. We aim to raise £20,000 towards this project.

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