Wesley Methodist Church

A church for all in the heart of the city

House Groups

House groups are small groups which meet regularly for discussion, Bible study and fellowship in members’ homes. New members are always welcome. See Weekly Notices for details.  Contact Frances Burghall or any of the leaders named below through the office for more information on any of the groups.

City Centre House Group

The City Centre House Group meets normally on  Friday afternoons at 3pm at Epworth Court. We have various studies very often consisting of Bible Study. We should be most happy to welcome new members.

The Seekers' Group

The Seekers are a group of friends who meet in one another's homes, about once a month usually on Friday evenings, to discuss Christian themes and interests. We are not limited to members of Wesley, and welcome seekers of any viewpoint, often enjoying the company of visitors. The leadership on a given evening rotates amongst group members (though no one is obliged to lead). Our meetings usually open with a prayer and sometimes a Bible reading. Often we choose a book or theme for discussion over several meetings, and we have recently started on Alec Ryrie’s Protestants—the Radicals who Made the Modern World, which is forcing us to explore both our roots in Luther and the Wesleys and some less comfortable facts about how protestants behaved in Nazi Germany and in South Africa—as well as the extraordinary story of how black slaves in America came to adopt a protestant faith and make it their own.

If you are interested in joining us, for one or two meetings or for longer, contact Margaret Cliff or John Waldram.

King Street House Group

Before lock-down during the worst of the Covid crisis we were meeting monthly on a Wednesday morning at 11.a.m. after Wednesday prayers.  We discuss Scripture over a cuppa and a biscuit.  It’s an informal group and Scriptural knowledge isn’t essential as we learn a great deal from each other.

Since the first lock-down Lynn, who leads the group, has sent out notes on Scripture asking various questions to provoke thought about our individual beliefs.  Anyone is welcome to respond with their own thoughts to share with the group.

We are a very welcoming group and anyone and everyone is welcome to come and visit our group and/or join us for a ‘taster’ or for longer. If you are interested and want to chat, ring or e-mail Lynn Taylor for more details.  The Centre Manager in the Church office will be happy to pass on Lynn’s details.

Fulbourn House Group

Meets every Monday evening except the second Monday (clashes with Science meets Faith at Wesley). They meet at 7.30pm at various homes and they have eight regular members. They generally look at Scriptural themes to try to understand their significance both when they were written and how they relate to the present day. The Old Testament prophets especially seem to show how the social issues of their day have changed little. Their leader is Graham Burghall.

Milton House Group

Meets every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm, sometimes at Toft but usually in Milton. There are presently six members and they are studying The Gospel of John. In the past they have looked at the Gospel of Luke and Acts. New members would be very welcome.