Wesley Methodist Church

A church for all in the heart of the city

Study and nurture groups

Study and nurture groups are small groups which meet regularly for discussion, Bible study and fellowship in members’ homes or at Wesley Church. New members are always welcome. Contact Frances Burghall or any of the leaders named below through the office for more information on any of the groups.

Monday Study Group

This group meets on Monday afternoons at 2.30 pm at Wesley Church. So far in 2022 the group has completed two very successful sessions, one looking at Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, and the second at Mark’s Gospel.

From September 2022 the group will be continuing its journey through Mark’s gospel. A mix of people attend this group and everyone is welcome. If you would like more information ask to be put in contact with Dottie Haslett.

Tuesday Evening House Group 

This group at present continues to meet on Zoom, although is beginning to explore the possibility of face to face meetings again.  Most recently in 2022 the group has followed the same focus on Mark’s gospel as the Monday Study Group and will continue to do so from September.  In the past the resource material has been as varied as the group’s membership. New members are very welcome on a Tuesday evening. Please ask to be put in contact with Frances Burghall.

Lent Study Group 

In 2022 there was a special, daytime study series in Lent which was resourced by a number of local and visiting leaders. It is hoped to repeat this again in 2023.

The Seekers' Group

The Seekers are a group of friends who meet in one another's homes, or since Covid by Zoom, usually on Friday evenings, fortnightly. The group meets to discuss Christian themes and interests, interleaved with social chat sessions which was began as a way of combatting Covid isolation. Seekers with any viewpoint are welcome. The leadership on a given evening rotates amongst group members (though no one is obliged to lead). Meetings usually open with a prayer and sometimes a Bible reading. Often a book or theme for discussion is continued over several meetings. The group has recently finished a study of former Chief Rabbi  Jonathan Sacks’ challenging book Morality, in which he argues fiercely the need for a revived common sense of what is right and wrong in our 21st century world.  If you are interested in joining the group, for one or two meetings or for longer, ask to be put in contact with Margaret Cliff or John Waldram.