Wesley Methodist Church

A church for all in the heart of the city

Who's who


The Ministers at Wesley are The Revd Colin A Smith, The Revd Barbara Garwood and Deacon Ian Murray.  Colin is the Superintendent Minister and Ian is also minister of Chesterton Methodist Church in Cambridge.

                                                                               From left to right: Deacon Ian Murray, The Revd Colin A Smith and The Revd Barbara Garwood

                                  From left to right: Deacon Ian Murray, The Revd Colin A Smith and The Revd Barbara Garwood

The Revd Colin A Smith is the minister in pastoral charge of Wesley Church and also the superintendent of the Cambridge Methodist circuit.  He has previously served as a minister in Brighton and Hove, Richmond and Hounslow and Barnet and Queensbury.  He originally read law at Aberystwyth and qualified as a barrister.  Before ministry he managed a citizens’ advice bureau in a deprived area of London.  He is currently a trustee of Cambridge Citizens’ Advice and of Wesley House, the international Methodist college in Cambridge.  He has served as the Record Secretary of the British Methodist Conference, as a deputy district chair and as a synod secretary.  He is a consultant to the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies.  He is interested in inter-faith work and particularly in Jewish-Christian relations.  He is an active member of the Trollope Society.

Student MinisterThe Revd Adam White, student minister from Wesley House.  Adam is a probationer deacon of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church in the United States.

Lay leadership

Lay leadership is in the hands of the church stewards - the current Senior Steward is Tim Cliff.

The Church Council (secretary - Charlotte Smallman) oversees the life of the church, normally meeting three times a year. It acts as an umbrella for the three main areas of: pastoral care (Pastoral Secretary - Derek Nicholls); property (Property Steward - John Papaloizou); and finance (Treasurer - Paul Ashley).

Centre Manager and Custodian

The Centre Manager runs the office during the week. 

Nick Cartmel, Custodian, is responsible for the day-to-day care and upkeep of the premises.                                                                             

Nick Cartmel (Custodian)Nick Cartmel, Custodian