Wesley Methodist Church

A church for all in the heart of the city

Who's who


The Ministers at Wesley are The Revd Colin A Smith and Deacon Ian Murray.  Colin is the Superintendent Minister and Ian is also minister of Chesterton Methodist Church in Cambridge.

Wesley staff photos

Deacon Ian Murray (left) and the Revd Colin Smith (right)

The Revd Colin A Smith is the minister in pastoral charge of Wesley Church and also the superintendent of the Cambridge Methodist circuit.  He has previously served as a minister in Brighton and Hove, Richmond and Hounslow and Barnet and Queensbury.  He originally read law at Aberystwyth and qualified as a barrister.  Before ministry he managed a citizens’ advice bureau in a deprived area of London.  He is currently a trustee of Cambridge Citizens’ Advice and of Wesley House, the international Methodist college in Cambridge.  He has served as the Record Secretary of the British Methodist Conference, as a deputy district chair and as a synod secretary.  He is a consultant to the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies.  He is interested in inter-faith work and particularly in Jewish-Christian relations.  He is an active member of the Trollope Society.

Lay leadership

Lay leadership is in the hands of the church stewards - the current Senior Steward is Lynda Meharry.

The Church Council oversees the life of the church, normally meeting three times a year. It acts as an umbrella for the three main areas of: pastoral care (Pastoral Secretary - Derek Nicholls); property (Property Steward - John Papaloizou); and finance (Treasurer - Paul Ashley).

Centre Manager and Custodian

The Centre Manager runs the office during the week. 

Nick Cartmel, Custodian, is responsible for the day-to-day care and upkeep of the premises.                                                                             

Nick Cartmel (Custodian)Nick Cartmel, Custodian